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This dynamic works with any mix-up of your favorite superheroes and villains. The gear: Throw on some tights, put on your sleep masks, and there you go.

It might feel a little more Captain Underpants and a little less Batman, but you’ll make it work. Why we love it: If you're going to claim you've never thought about having sex with a hot librarian, I'm going to call bullshit. The gear: For the sexy librarian, throw on a sweater and possibly a short skirt if you’re feeling extra frisky.

When someone is pissing you off, those feelings of rage are very akin to feelings of passion. The best accessory you can have in this scene is a good “angry boss” voice. Sometimes you have to rough up a certain criminal; you each have your role. The gear: If someone has a police badge or handcuffs from Halloween costumes past, that’s ideal. Instead of being one of the Boys in Blue, go the Stabler and Benson route: slacks and button-ups. Why we love it: People get hard over sterilized hands and medical scrubs. Being a medical professional is hard and sometimes you have to let off some steam with a coworker, probably.

After a particularly intense interrogation, you finally give way to your lust… It’s not a coincidence that naughty nurse and doctor costumes are so popular on Halloween. The gear: Put on any form of white clothing you have and pretend it’s scrubs or a lab coat.

The whole student/teacher paradigm is very hot, but becomes problematic when you’re thinking in terms of age-appropriate consent. Avoid the creepy feelings by being a college student and professor instead.

And two, the single parent is broken-hearted and looking for love — just waiting for the wonderful nanny to come in and swoop them up.

I'm new to the Wiki, but a long-time Jammer, so I thought as a way to meet new people, I would open up a role play for all those who are interested. Travel Map: Jamaa has been in a state of somewhat distress since the little escapade with phantoms invading the nearby bunny village.

After reading a lot of the wiki pages, I don't think this will be an issue, but as always, a few rules to keep in mind.

When you have no idea what you’re doing, how do you know who you should try to be? Here are nine easy and fun role play ideas for all you beginners curious about exploring different fetishes. There is something so sexy about screwing the tasty man or woman who’s come to clean your pipes (hehe).

And since your apartment or house is already the perfect backdrop, you don’t need much to pull it off.

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"We hear perennial complaints about spots in our game where this activity is said to take place, and Moon Guard Goldshire appears in that list with some regularity," said the rep.