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Dating someone with sickle cell

That's when Watts, Detroit, New Jersey, New York, et al, were in flames, caused by the black guy. All this deep thinking talk about the problems in Ferguson is a bunch of crap. How about all you sub humans try and elevate your station in life, you fugging losers. Lets just walk it back to the sixties and seventies.i would start with pulling everyone of them over and start writing tickets. You lily white guilt idiots had better wake up and realize we are at war with the race baiters like sharpton and eric holder and the entire negro race.make it so miserable they don't even want to come close to Florissant. Burying your heads in the sand and trying not to 'offend' anyone as to not ever risk appearing to be accused of being a racist won't cut it anymore.

Look at the negro outcry, protest, looting, and cop murders over last three degenerates that chose to try to kill a cop and got what they deserved. I seen on the news that they want to memorialize the fugging plywood from that hell hole "Fergie", why?These savages don't care abut equality, they want your cracker @ss dead!We all feel that a bullet in the head is warranted for any asswipe who attempts to bring physical harm to any of OUR fine officers.You black faces have opened Pandora's box, have let the proverbial Genie out of the bottle and now you're going to have to live with it.

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We have already concluded that we will do absolutely nothing to assist a black face no matter the situation.

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  1. He also was accused of a 1986 attempted rape in Louisville, Ky., in which he ultimately pleaded guilty to lesser charges of wanton endangerment and burglary and was given a 7½-year suspended sentence.