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Gay dating sacramento

She opens her video revealing a secret: “I want to share a secret with you guys.

I am a survivor of Chlamydia.”“I talk to a lot of young people who have Herpes and have other STIs and STDs and so I felt like there has to be someone who comes forward and say: 'hey me too,” Boodram said.

She said she wasn’t doing it so much for public awareness but just to inform her friends and acquaintances. So get tested, get medicated, and know you have it! ”The good news, The California Healthy Youth Act implemented in January 2016 mandates a comprehensive age-appropriate sex education program for all middle and high-schoolers, significantly expanding the topics and the time our youth learns about sex and healthy relationships.

You can’t avoid to buy condoms," said one male student.“(Now) you do have a lot of baby boomers and a lot of Gen Xers who are coming into the dating field for the first time and in their day condoms were not a priority.”This is the case of Jennifer Vaughan, a 45-year-old Bay Area mother of three who contracted HIV from a man she was dating after her divorce.Vaughan told me about the shock of getting such an unusual diagnosis.“I wasn’t a drug user, I wasn’t a gay man,” Vaughan said.Gonorrhea jumped 20 percent in the state and Chlamydia is at its highest level since reporting was mandated in 1990.Especially concerning are stats on young women, ages 15 to 24, accounting for 63 percent of Chlamydia cases and 51 percent of Gonorrhea.

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She also addressed an issue I had never stopped to consider.

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