My ex boyfriend is dating an ugly girl teenage dating problem and solution

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but why are you looking at his stuff without him being aware of it anyway!?! Does it seem like your partner always bring up his ex's name in a conversation?

I mean, I snoop all the time, but I definitely don't pretend like I accidentally stumbled upon something. — or are you the one that's always talking about her?

Let's keep it real, if the guy didn't talk about me so much, I wouldn't be picturing her paying .99 for an online background check from some Internet detective.

There are so many movies, books, articles, even a TV show about the crazy ex — but what about the equally crazy new girlfriend?

There's not enough crazy credit given to them, but sometimes new girlfriends deserve their own trilogy based on a novel too.

I even blogged about what I did on the World-Wide-Web during my moment of lapsed sanity! Most of society don't realize it because while the crazy new girlfriend hates you, you don't even know she exists until she goes completely bat-shit crazy on you. The thing that every new girlfriend or boyfriend should realize is, there is no threat.

After a whole year had past from our breakup (and equally crazy tug-and-pull antics with each other), I experienced for the first time the crazy new girlfriend scenario... Especially when the ex has moved on with his/her life.

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A confident person doesn't need his/her partner to get rid of mementos from a previous relationship.

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