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It’s often totally out of the blue and without any warning whatsoever, and I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced it.One moment he’s the one that makes your day brighter and things are going so well that you find yourself moving in with him…When a guy doesn’t answer a text, though, there could be many reasons why, so don’t start panicking just yet, check out these ten tips on what to do if a guy doesn’t text you back, before you change your Facebook status! Don’t lose your temper Keep your cool; there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation why he hasn’t replied yet.He might have lost his phone, it might have got broken or, he must just be tied up with something else. You might be completely wrong, and you will feel foolish if you have accused him of doing something awful and he hasn’t.2.It’s always been this way and it shows no signs of stopping.Guys do the chasing, as opposed to the other way around.At some point in your dating career, you’ve probably been left wondering what it means when a guy doesn’t text you back. Was it just that he thought your text didn’t warrant a reply, or is he ghosting you? One of the most frustrating parts of dating is when the guy you were texting just suddenly stops texting you back.

Try and talk to him face to face Don’t start stalking him, but you could try and just, happen to be where you know he hangs out and bump into him ‘accidently’.

Don’t hang around waiting for him When it’s really gone too far and he still hasn’t contacted you, then all you can do, is to let drop and move on.

If he’s not even bothered to reply to you or let you know what is going on, then he is the in the wrong, not you.

and the next minute, he’s disappeared completely and you find yourself obsessively Googling things like .

You get more and more frustrated, realizing you’re being ignored, until you become less polite and straight up ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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Just carry on as usual and try not to think about it.

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