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The original lawsuit didn’t contain any sexual harassment allegations.She then switched attorneys and filed an amended complaint in August that added the sexual harassment claims in detail with screen shots of alleged text messages from White attached as exhibits.I’ve definitely been close to something worse and I got my stitches and the doctors did an amazing job, so I’ll be back looking normal any day now.” White says that although having his family, his girlfriend Sarah Barthel and friends around has been important for his healing, sometimes they tend to worry too much.“Everyone is alarmed by this crash, but I feel great. That was the most frustrating part when I crashed, I was sitting there bleeding and all that was going through my head was how annoyed I am and how pissed off I am because I knew exactly what I did wrong,” the 31-year-old told . ’ That’s how I look at it.” He added: “This is my life, this is what I do.“Honestly, it was more of an alarming thing than anything, like any pain or any longterm injury.It’s always not the best scenario to hit your face, but it was more alarming than anything.He is alleged to have sent her sexually explicit and graphic images of male genitals, forced her to watch sexually disturbing videos including ones that “sexualized fecal matter,” and made sexual remarks to her. He drank a lot and would get weird and then have to apologize the next day.” But because he was the band’s frontman and was bankrolling everything — members of the group were paid ,750 a month from 2011 on — White’s behavior was tolerated and explained away as, “Oh, that’s Shaun.” “He’s just very impulsive, if you could describe him in two words it would be ‘F–k it.’ Like that’s his personality,” Zawaideh said.The snowboarder is also accused of having withheld her wages, trying to force her to wear revealing clothes and underwear, banning her from wearing red lipstick and eventually firing her in August 2014 after she refused to cut her hair. “He’ll just go for it and then deal with the repercussions later.” Since news of the complaint started circulating, White has explained his behavior — particularly the graphic text messages he sent her — as joking between friends.

White, who has been described as 'the lone wolf' of the snowboarding fraternity, was criticised by his fellow snowboarders for pulling out of the Olympic slopestyle event days before it began, citing the danger of the course.

It’s gonna work out.” While his first two experiences at the Olympics were life-changing, White revealed that the third time around — after coming in fourth place at the 2014 Winter Olympics — was a little different for him, and revealed that homesickness played a part in him losing motivation.

“It just became this really tiresome thing and it’s when social media really started booming, at least in my world, and you would be on your phone and it’s a direct window into the lives of your friends and your family and that was never an issue for me,” he tells After the last Olympics didn’t go as planned, the athlete found comfort in skateboarding and decided to revamp his whole lifestyle.

“I’ve just been so busy and wrapped up in the sport.

You get this tunnel vision honestly and it’s like, friends and family and relationships, it all gets put on the sidelines.” He concluded: “The people that truly are the ones that last the longest in your life, are the ones that understand that and can be along for the ride and don’t really need their limelight.” To learn more, visit

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