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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority says about 800 passengers had to be transferred Thursday morning to rescue trains that pulled up alongside the stranded ones.The downed wires are causing mayor delays for commuters, and some regional rail lines have been suspended.'What you're reading is a police blotter, not the outcome of a court case. 'They were fine, healthy and then found later in the evening, when they had missed their feeding time, unable to wake up.Laura Zylstra Kaiser says her case wasn't so much about sexual harassment but retaliation for reporting it. The owner of two Guinness World Record-holding cats says the animals died in a fire that destroyed their suburban Detroit home last month.She says a new colleague began harassing her in 2011. Will Powers says in a statement that the remains of Arcturus and Cygnus were found Wednesday in the basement of their Farmington Hills home. One of two Wisconsin girls who attempted to kill a classmate to win favor with a horror character named Slender Man will find out how long she must spend in a mental hospital.

University of Utah spokeswoman Julie Kiefer says the college carefully reviews each study and is committed to ensuring humane care of animals in research.

In total, the state has lost 6,649 residents since the energy bust began in 2015. Greg Gianforte made public their past tax returns, showing Democrat Tester and Republican Daines could save a few thousand dollars because of the new 20 percent deduction for pass-through businesses. Census data show the state has lost more than 6,600 residents since the energy bust began in 2015.

Montana's congressional delegation may benefit financially under the new federal tax overhaul, but caps on deductions from state and local taxes may largely undo those benefits. Wyoming's population has dropped for the second year in a row. Hundreds of passengers in Philadelphia were stuck for up to 90 minutes on two commuter trains as a result of downed wires.

Georgia's utility regulators are allowing construction to continue on two new nuclear reactors, despite massive cost overruns for the multi-billion-dollar project. Even after two terror attacks and a motorist's deadly rampage through Times Square, New York City is on track to smash its modern-era low for homicides. Those numbers mean that a person's odds of getting murdered in tightly packed, diverse New York City this year were about the same as they were last year in Wyoming, Montana or South Dakota.

Thursday's decision by the state's Public Service Commission will shape the future of the nation's nuclear industry, partly because the reactors at Plant Vogtle were the first new ones to be licensed and to begin construction in the U. Animal rights groups are accusing the University of Utah of mistreating lab animals.

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