Updating maps on nuvi 350

Posted by / 06-Jul-2017 05:48

Also missing is a field to tell you how long (in time) you have left to get your destination.

I’ve found it to be very optimistic, even in areas of no traffic.The Garmin Nuvi 350 has become one of best selling GPS devices in the world, and for good reason.It offers what most people are looking for in a first time GPS purchase; a pocketable device which is easy to operate and doesn’t have too many advanced features they will likely never use.The categories seem be sorted by how frequently you might use that category, but I’m not entirely sure.For example “Auto Services” is near the very bottom of the list. Then you can select from a list of types of food and the GPS will search for a list of restaurants in the category of food you are looking for.

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But neither of those answers may answer the question they are looking for.